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Sow, Grow, Sustain: The Hemp Fiber Revolution

Sow, Grow, Sustain: The Hemp Fiber Revolution

At DSNY, our mission centers around the environment, authenticity, and a commitment to leaving this planet better than it was left for us. We’re intentional about who we work with, what we say, and what we create. We participate in what we call conscious fashion… and in this world, one remarkable fiber stands tall—hemp. If you’ve got a minute, stick around and let us weave together a story about hemp's superpowers & qualities, and the roll it plays in our journey toward sustainable fashion practices. (fiber segues… am I right?).

From ancient civilizations to modern eco-warriors, hemp has proven to be a reliable and effective staple of textile practices. Its journey began millennia ago, with archaeological whispers dating back to the 5th millennium BC in China. Hemp's legacy as a chief textile fiber persisted until as late as the 19th century, a testament to its strength and adaptability. It’s a fiber that ages like a fine wine, growing softer and more comforting with each wear, and a fabric that battles UV rays, mold, and mildew with ease. And from a practical standpoint, hemp is incredibly durable, and soaks up dyes better than most other fibers. Simply put, hemp is nature's gift to the world of textiles.

Hemp has also proven more sustainable than other fibers. With a growth rate that defies convention, hemp yields 250% more fiber than cotton and a staggering 600% more than flax, all in the same acreage. Its thirst for water is minimal, often only needing natural rainfall, and its roots work tirelessly to combat soil erosion and cleanse the earth of toxins. Pretty remarkable for a little green leaf.

And so, its our pleasure to introduce our Hemp Corduroy Jacket. This vintage inspired classic chore jacket is 55% hemp, 45% organic cotton, and 100% Mother Earth friendly. Finished with custom DSNY embroidery on the pocket, this cord jacket is the perfect sustainable top layer for your fall fits. And take our word for it, you’ll be surprised and how comfortable it wears. 

Lets face it… we’re living at a moment of time where environmental concerns are paramount… and hemp has positioned itself to be a sustainable and reliable step toward industry disruption and lasting change. As we continue to venture down the path where sustainability and fashion meet, hemp stands as a tangible representation of what's possible when creativity and responsibility intersect. So, as you consider your choices and the impact they have on our planet, remember that choosing eco-friendly wares is not only a step towards advocating for healthier fashion practices but also a commitment to taking care of our mother earth. Just like the artists we collaborate with and the stories we share, hemp embodies the spirit of authenticity, intentionality, and positive change. We might not be able to fix the climate problems we’re facing by ourselves, but all that matters is that we simply do our part… after all, all that f*cking matters is that we try… right? 



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