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Eunsan Huh x DSNY Tiger Tee

Eunsan Huh x DSNY Tiger Tee

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  • Material: 100% Recycled (Upcycled) Cotton, water-based dyes
  • Fit: Perfect fit full-length Tee 
  • Features: Carefully engineered to ensure comfort, breathability and ease of care
  • Produced In: Ahmedabad, India
  • Sizing: Non-gender sizing.  Standard men's fit.
  • Care: For best results, wash on cold and tumble dry low. Avoid high heat. 

Artwork created by featured artist, Eunsan Huh.  Through her art and use of iconographic elements, Eunsan showcases the beauty and imagination behind how the Korean language is constructed. The tiger artwork represents the Korean phrase, 'long long ago, when the tiger smoked the pipe' which is a commonly used in Korean culture at the start of a story, similar to the American phrase, 'once upon a time'.


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