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Crusty Chic: Introducing the DSNY x Prince Street Pizza Collection

Crusty Chic: Introducing the DSNY x Prince Street Pizza Collection

When we chose the moniker “Dinner Service,” it wasn’t just a name to us – it represented a philosophy. We firmly believe in the unique community that seems to only happen around the table, and our aim was to try and extend the threads of stories and connections spun during mealtime beyond the confines of tables and chairs. While most of our focus centers around amplifying the voices of artists, entertainers, and cultural activists whose messages resonate with us, every so often, we’re presented with a fitting opportunity to lend our own style to a staple New York restaurant and the people involved. Enter the Prince Street Pizza collection.

Established in 2012, Prince Street Pizza has found its place in the city’s culinary landscape. Specializing in both Neapolitan pies and SoHo squares, the pizzeria has become known for its signature pepperoni cups, daily-crafted sauces, and their crispy and fluffy dough respectively. These “must-haves” are the pillars that propelled Prince Street Pizza to expand; bringing the iconic NY slice to pizza enthusiasts across the nation.

Yet, incredible pizza aside, what truly captivated us about collaborating with Prince Street was their mission – a mission to serve happiness with each slice and every interaction. Their unwavering commitment to service, community, respect, and dignity mirrors the values we hold dear at DSNY. That’s why we are excited to introduce the DSNY x Prince Street collection. This drop features a heritage Italian soccer jersey inspired Henley, a two-tone logo bowling top, a PS crew + tee, and PS socks crafted from eco-friendly banana fiber. An eclectic offering with something for everyone. No reservations needed.

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