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An Ode To The Modern West: SAINT NO x Dinner Service

An Ode To The Modern West: SAINT NO x Dinner Service

It's hard not to romanticize the large-scale ideas of the American West. Open air, exploration, a nomadic lifestyle, and the overall badassery of being a Cowboy (or an outlaw, if you so choose) can make any heart light up. The figures and stories that have survived from this era sit somewhere between history and legend, making them a pseudo-idol of sorts — attractively larger than life. It was a time period where it seemed like you could be whatever you wanted to be, wherever you wanted to be. A period where things felt wide open, less connected… where anything felt possible. That choice, paired with a mission to try and soak up as much of life as possible, is important to us — something we share with our newest collaborator, contemporary painter, SAINT NO.

Heavily influenced by the landscape of the desert of the West Coast, and light, SAINT NO’s work is an amalgam of all that makes up the pervasive concept of the modern West. His work was born from a need for self-expression and a need for a free space to allow for that self-expression to manifest in any way it needed to -- from the really messy to the really detailed, and everything in between.

“I want my work to embrace the playful side of life. The light, the fun, the wild side, the wild-hearted. The part of you that refuses to fear authority. The part of you that refuses to give up fun and shit because things get heavy and dark. But I feel like there is an angle to that where you own that shit and respond with love. You respond with love every day.”

Taking that ethos, we did our best to embody it in a series of garments befitting SAINT NO’s incredible work. The SAINT NO Collection includes a vintage-inspired classic chore jacket, tee, and bandana. The chore coat features patch pockets, embroidery details, and a boxy, waist-cut fit with antique brass zipper. The tee has a waist-cut, boxy fit, perfect for any body type, and features screen-printed SAINT NO artwork on the front chest and center back. And rounding out the collection is a classic western bandana with rich, detailed design, celebrating one of SAINT NO's signature pieces. Easily foldable and made to be worn comfortably or framed in tribute. These garments, true to our mission, are made from GOTS-certified 100% Organic Cotton. We love this collection, but don’t take it from us — take it from SAINT Himself.

“I don’t know what to say about this shirt other than I’m fucking stoked. It came out so good. Really glad we got to make a shirt with the skeletons on it. The eternal lovers. And I was really excited to do a chore coat. I’ve been into chore coats for a while. It's classic American, but also classic French. And the Japanese have their own version of it too.”

Simply put, this is one of our favorite collaborations to date. SAINT NO perfectly embodies so much of who we strive to be as a company — self-aware, free, and consciously choosing the side of life worth living. Welcome to the Saint No Collection. Available now online or at our NOLITA flagship.

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