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The Bitter End

There's something special about walking into a place full of history. You can feel a certain vibration radiating from the walls. This is exactly what it feels like when walking into The Bitter End. Nestled in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City, and full of dusty pictures of figures who are now more legend than persons... Bob Dylan, Neil Diamond, Joan Baez, Mohammed Ali, Stevie Wonder, Otis Rush, Gavin DeGraw, Joni Mitchell, John Denver, Tracy Chapman, Simon & Garfunkel, Lady Gaga… The Bitter End feels like its a living, breathing entity of its own.

We all have a collective responsibility to tell and re-tell the stories that stitch together history and sometimes there’s no better way to do that than to witness the setting where the everything played out. That’s why we, in collaboration with The Bitter End, created our latest garment: The Bitter End Chore Coat. This piece is a tribute to the venue, the moments, and the people who have made it what it stands as today… both a platform for artists and a reminder of the impact that a voice or message can have on a culture.

The Bitter End collection is made from sustainable alternatives to polyester and other synthetic fabrics. Our production is free of toxin chemicals. Here at Dinner Service it is our mission to raise awareness around the consumption of plastic based fabrics.