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The house lights dim, and you can feel the excitement. A diverse assembly of individuals stirs in anticipation with a shared enthusiasm that binds them together for one night, and one night only. Differences fade into the background, making way for what’s about to unfold. In a moment, the lights go up, and there stands the one and only Orville Peck on the DNSY stage.

Orville Peck is a living, breathing embodiment of our ethos here at DSNY. Drenched in authenticity, he hasn’t just revitalized the classic genre of country; he’s sculpted it into something distinctly his own. His principles and unyielding stances echo through every note he sings through the mask he wears, indifferent to the murmurs of traditionalists’ dissent. What sets him apart is his fearless embrace of self, a quality that not only defines him but also inspires those around him to do the same.

For five years, Orville Peck has orchestrated a celebration of his unique country aesthetic in the form of the "Rodeo”. The event is a celebration authenticity, individuality, love, and music. At DSNY, we’re proud and honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Orville and create two exclusive pieces to commemorate the 5th Annual Rodeo, taking place this year at the iconic Pioneertown, CA. Our heart is in these pieces. Get them while they last, this drop is sure to move fast.

The Orville Peck Collection is made from sustainable alternatives to polyester and other synthetic fabrics. Our production is free of toxin chemicals. Here at DSNY - it is our mission to raise awareness around the consumption of plastic based fabrics.