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Kota, a husband, father, independent musician, and the founder of the skate apparel brand, FLYTBYS, has committed himself to being intentional with everything he touches. He has an unrelenting desire to be authentic and uses his experiences to craft stories and connect with his listeners in a way that makes them feel like they’re sitting at the kitchen table - simply having a one-on-one conversation and sharing stories together. The way Kota talks to you makes you feel seen. It reminds you that you’re human.

The DSNY x Kota collection represents a collaboration that goes beyond fashion. It's a celebration of authenticity, connection, and sustainability. It's a testament to the power of art and music to bring people together, to inspire change, and to create a better world. Let us remember Kota's words: "We can't save the world by ourselves... but we can do our part."  Embrace your individuality, cherish the connections you make, and strive to live intentionally.

The Kota The Friend Collection is made from sustainable alternatives to polyester and other synthetic fabrics. Our production is free of toxin chemicals. Here at DSNY - it is our mission to raise awareness around the consumption of plastic based fabrics through our artist support network.