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Your Style, Your Story

If you’re here, you’re likely a trendsetter. Someone who likes cool shit that means something to you. The one sharing that new artist you just heard, or spot you discovered, with the people you love. You are choice conscious, you are intentional, you are a discoverer. If that’s you, we’ve got something for you.

Have a seat at our table.


Clothing to be Seen In


“Embrace your individuality, cherish the connections you make, and strive to live every day intentionally.” - Kota the Friend

Where Stories Meet Fashion on a Plastic Free Diet

Recycled Cotton

Made entirely from the left over scraps pulled off the cutting room floors of the factories. No new resource inputs.

Organic Cotton

Uses less water than conventional cotton to cultivate, and no harmful pesticide runoff into groundwater or residue on fibers.


A silky, breathable material made out of sustainably harvested Eucalyptus tree pulp (wood cellulose).

Banana Fiber

Uses the agricultural waste from the banana plant, which would typically be burned.

No Repeats, No Reservations

At DSNY, we believe the moments we live are what define us. With that in mind, we make more than just garments; we make time-capsules of the fleeting yet profound stories we stumble on. For each piece of clothing we make, we carefully document and dissect the moments in time that mean something to us and put the elements we can all relate to into something tangible to share with others. 

Here’s the deal: our collections are as unique as the moments they represent. We don’t do repeats. Once a collection is gone, its gone for good. We cherish the idea of owning something special. Life’s a collection of beautiful one-of-a-kind moments. Why shouldn’t your wardrobe be the same? Collect the moments that speak to you.