Blank Canvas Series: Liv Bishop

Liv Bishop Bandana Collaboration


Blank Canvas Series

Liv Bishop is The Phoenix Brand's first Bandana Art Series collaborator. She is an inspired and witty communicator whose creative expression ranges from writing to illustration to painting. No matter the medium, her work revolves around human connection, self expression, and self-growth. When working visually, she captures the “essence” of her subjects by utilizing line, layered color and gestural marks. She finds inventiveness in telling stories that transport her audience. Her creations are born from a need to help others feel seen, and inspire them to approach the world with curiosity, and a bit of playfulness. 

This collaboration was born out of a shared commitment to better our environment. Liv Bishop on her passion for the environment: "As a GenZ-er who inherited an Earth that's sick with pollution, environmentalism is a personal endeavor for me."