'Eunsan Huh' Tiger Tee

'Eunsan Huh' Tiger Tee

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About the Tee

Perfect fit full length tee featuring our post-industrial recycled cotton, taken from the left over scraps of the cutting room floor. Our recycled cotton has a thicker weight and is carefully engineered to ensure comfort, breathability and ease of care. Featuring embroidery on chest and sleeve.  Constructed with material milled, cut and sewn and dyed in Ahmedabad, India.

About the Art

Garment artwork created by featured artist Eunsan Huh, a Korean-American artist based in New York City. Through her art and use of iconographic elements, Eunsan showcases the beauty and imagination behind how the Korean language is constructed. 

The artwork on the blank canvas crewneck features Eunsan's name badge iconography artwork embroidered on the front that illustrates the Korean language writing for 'Phoenix' which has a direct translation of 'undying bird'.  The back of the garment features a piece that Eunsan created to illustrate the tradition of folk storytelling that transcends cultures. Korean folk stories often start with 'long, long ago when the tiger smoked a pipe', which is the Korean version of 'once upon a time'. 

For more on Eunsan, check out her Instagram and her Ted Talk where she discusses her approach to breaking down the Icelandic language construction through iconographic art.

Machine wash cold, and hang dry or tumble dry low.  Please avoid high heat to ensure the longest life of garment and embroidery detail.

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